Thousands of customers switching to St. Canice’s Credit Union as banks exit market

St. Canice’s Credit Union recently launched a campaign to encourage people to switch and save for their current account services.

THOUSANDS of customers across Kilkenny, Laois and Carlow have switched their current accounts to St. Canice’s Credit Union in response to banks exiting the Irish market.

St. Canice’s CU’s ongoing campaign to encourage people to switch to them for their current account services has been a great success. The comparison website, enables people to see for themselves the great savings that they will make switching to St. Canice’s Credit Union compared to the main pillar banks. The cost for a current account with AIB per month is €7.15, BOI is €6.00 and An Post is €6.30 * compared to St. Canice’s Credit Union which is €4.00 per month and free for students aged 18-25 or anyone over the age of 66 years old.

Members can apply online or in any of their 9 branches and can also avail of services like overdrafts and direct debit facilities.

Credit unions have expanded their offerings over the years and now offer a range of services such as current accounts and mortgages up to €350,000.

Carmel Butler, CEO of St. Canice’s Credit Union said they are delighted to see people make the switch to them. “We are delighted that people are seeing the value that credit unions can offer and that they are making the switch.”

“Credit unions remain at the heart of communities all over Ireland and each credit union is involved with giving back locally between sponsorship and charity. With KBC gone and Ulster Bank about to go, we are delighted to welcome new members and we look forward to welcoming even more over the coming months,” she added.

The Irish League of Credit Unions said that nationwide around 50,000 people have now switched their current accounts from banks to credit unions.

The current account at St. Canice’s Credit Union is also compatible with Apple Pay, Google Pay and Fitbit Pay and offer a globally accepted Mastercard Debit Card.

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*Source correct as at 06/09/2022

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