Stay alert for fraudsters

At this time, more than ever, opportunists will be looking for a way to make a quick buck. That quick buck could well be YOUR hard earned buck.

We have had two phone calls this week telling us this same story. One member got a phone call at around 2pm last Saturday afternoon, 22nd March, purporting to be from St. Canice’s Credit Union.  The fraudster phone caller was female and said that “we” would be transferring his money into his bank account and asked him for his bank account details. He rightly told them that he didn’t want his money going into his bank account and told them he wouldn’t be giving her his bank details, she hung up.

If you are unsure if it is us calling you:

1. We always have our caller-id on display.

2. Call us back 056-7722042 to be sure it is us

Stay vigilant.


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