(s)No Problem – Get an Online Account with Your Credit Union

You’ve built your 6th snowman, cleared out the cupboards, thrown those out of date jars of whatever into the bin and cabin fever has started to set in after only a few days in-doors. Forget that high-protein diet you promised yourself in January, the next adventure is probably to try and re-stock those falling bread stocks and that is when thoughts of access to cash probably comes into your mind.

With the Credit Union shut for a few days here are your options & what to do now to plan for the next emergency situation.

If you have an on-line account; login and transfer cash to your Credit Union current account, for which you may already have an ATM card set up on. Good news is on the way: by the end of the year, we hope to have our Credit Union Debit Card fully operational but for now, we have an ATM card which can be used to access your cash from any AIB ATM pay point. Pick up an application form in any of our 10 branches.

If you do not have an on-line account; click the login button now and register for one.

Follow the easy steps which guide you through the process. We do expect there to be a surge in on-line account registrations following the last few days, with members ticking off the jobs on their ‘To-Do’ lists, while trying not to go completely stir crazy stuck at home.

An Online Account is an exceptionally easy way to access your accounts when you are on the go, or from the comfort of your own home. Once you register, you can check your latest transactions and balances, view or print a statement, pay a bill online, transfer money between St. Canice’s Credit Union accounts, into your bank account or into the Credit Union or bank account of another person.

Once submitted and your details are confirmed, you will receive a PIN in the post within 10 days. This PIN will allow you to go online and begin enjoying the benefits of all the new services available to members online. It won’t get you online today but it will enable you to be  prepared for any future snow storms or indeed if you are lying on a beach, somewhere nice sunning yourself, which is a much more enjoyable picture to imagine on a day like today.

We also have an App for you, which can be downloaded from the App store. It is called cuAnywhere and really makes access to your Credit Union accounts, via your phone, very simple.

Stay safe & warm.

Enjoy the last few days of the snow and we will see you on Monday 5th March.

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