Scam text, purporting to be from the ‘Credit Union’

We have been made aware of a scam text, purporting to be from the ‘Credit Union’, claiming that accounts have been ‘placed on hold’ or ‘to comply with new updates to our system’ and asking the recipient to click a link (to a cloned credit union website) to verify their account. St. Canice’s Credit Union will never contact you by text or email asking you to click a link to verify your account or to comply with new updates.
Please do not click on the link if you get such a text or email. Similarly, if you receive a phone call masked to appear that it is from the number 01 614 6700, please do not answer, or hang up immediately.
If you are in any doubt about any message you receive in relation to your credit union account, please contact us directly at 0567722042 visit our website or call in to any of our branches.
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