Christmas Cracker; Your Festive Savings Scheme

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As the days grow longer and the promise of spring beckons, it might seem premature to discuss Christmas. However, when it comes to financial planning, surely there’s no such thing as too early. That’s why we’re here to remind you about Christmas Cracker, a dedicated savings scheme crafted by the credit union to help you breeze through the festive season without breaking the bank. 

In a recent planning session, where we meticulously outlined the events for the year ahead, one thing became clear – Christmas always seems to arrive sooner than expected. Whether it’s the flurry of gift-giving, festive feasts, or holiday travel, the financial demands of the season can catch even the most prepared off guard. 

But fear not! The Christmas Cracker savings scheme is your ticket to stress-free holiday finances. Imagine a December where you’re not frantically searching for last-minute gifts or alternatively worrying about stretching your budget to cover family dinners out. With Christmas Cracker, this dream can become a reality. 

Let’s delve deeper into what makes Christmas Cracker the ultimate tool for savvy holiday savers: 

  1. Flexible Savings Options: Whether you’re a seasoned saver or just dipping your toes into financial planning, The Christmas Cracker savings scheme offers flexibility to suit your needs. Start with as little as €10 a week and watch your savings grow over time. By setting aside a small amount each week, you’ll build a robust holiday fund without feeling the pinch. 
  1. Structured Savings Goals: With Christmas Cracker, you’re not just saving aimlessly – you’re working towards a tangible goal. Write down a target amount for your holiday savings and track your progress along the way. Whether you’re aiming for a grand family holiday or additionally looking to cover the cost of gifts and decorations. Consequently Christmas Cracker empowers you to take control of your finances. 
  1. Peace of Mind: The beauty of Christmas Cracker lies in its ability to alleviate financial stress during the holiday season. By starting your savings early and sticking regular saving, you can enjoy the festivities without worrying about post-holiday debt. With Christmas Cracker, peace of mind comes standard. 

Now, you might be thinking, “Christmas savings in February? Isn’t that a bit premature?” Although this may be true, when December rolls around and you’re sipping cocoa by the fire instead of stressing over your budget. You’ll be grateful for the foresight. 

Ready to kickstart your Christmas savings scheme journey? Here’s all you need to know to get started with Christmas Cracker: 

  • You can lodge through payroll deduction, direct debit, cash payments or have your children’s allowance payments directed to this account.  
  • This account will be separate from all other credit union accounts you may hold. 
  • You can get a new Christmas Cracker Savings Book. 
  • If you have online banking, as a result, you can view your progress through the  St. Canice’s Credit Union app. 
  • Savings can be made weekly, fortnightly, or monthly or topped up any time with a lump sum. 
  • Funds can be withdrawn at any time in an emergency, but we encourage members not to do so until the “payout date” in November; on that date all funds held in your Christmas Cracker Savings Account can be withdrawn in cash or you can move them to another account by electronic funds transfer. 

You can open your account online or by calling into any branch! Find out more details by clicking here 

 Start saving today and let the magic of Christmas Cracker brighten your holidays. 

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