Opening a credit union current account

With the increase in new account openings in recent weeks as customers of both Ulster Bank and KBC Bank Ireland look for new accounts of their departure from the Irish market, now is the time to check out your local credit union.

Current accounts are available in more than 60 credit unions in over 220 locations across Ireland. Credit unions are renowned for their excellent customer service with friendly staff to give expert, face-to-face support for any current account query you might have.

We spoke to Darren Maguire, a HSE Employee from Sligo about opening a current account with Sligo Credit Union.

If you are interested in switching your current account to your local credit union, you can read more about opening a credit union current account here.

Name: Darren Maguire
Occupation: HSE Employee
Name of Credit Union: Sligo Credit Union

Is this your first current account or have you switched current account? 
Yes, this would be my first

What made you choose a credit union current account? Were you already a member of the credit union or did you join in order to open a current account? 
I was already a member with Sligo Credit Union and was just waiting for the introduction of the current account service.

What was your experience of switching/signing up? Can you take us through the steps? 
It could not have been easier! I completed all the necessary forms online after speaking to a CU representative over the phone.
I had to scan some official documents, (Photo ID, addressed Bill; etc.) and upload them onto the CU’s system. I only had to wait a few days for the receipt of my new CU Card and a few days later the new pin arrived. After making one transaction using my pin I was free to scan my card effortlessly.
It was an easy and positive experience for me.

Do you use your CU account for daily transactions; i.e. paying for things with debit card; etc.? What’s your main indulgence?
I use my card every day for shopping. Through my current account I pay mortgage and various other bills. I also make full use of the direct debit facility for the usual household utility bills.

Have you found yourself moving away from using cash to pay for day to day transactions or do you still use cash to pay in shops, restaurants etc? 
Almost completely. I rarely carry cash nowadays.

What’s been your experience using the CU current account so far? 
I use the online current account primarily and find it so easy to use. I use the app for my day to day transactions and when I need to make changes to my account I just go online and complete them.
There was one occasion I had an issue with my sign on but the staff was very helpful and sorted it out straight away.
I am really happy with my choice to move from my previous bank to the Credit Union.

Would you recommend the credit union current account to family/ friends? 
I would definitely recommend a credit union current account to all my family and friends. My wife is in the process of moving at present.

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