Online payments with your debit card

You can now set up a one time or a recurring payment to any account, be that with St. Canice’s Credit Union or to any other bank account, once you are registered for online banking.

The first step is that you must be registered for and have an active online account. You can do that here. Then you just log onto CU Online+ in the normal way through our website (not via the app).

Select “Lodgements” from the options list on the left of the screen, then simply select the account you wish to make a lodgement or payment to and click Debit Card Lodgement. Next select “Make Card Lodgement”. You can choose to make a one off payment or set up a recurring payment for a fixed amount on a regular basis. You can also save your debit card so that you don’t have to enter the card number every time you want to make a payment.

Start date can be the current date or a date in the future even for a one off payment. Payment reference can be whatever you choose. Balance is the balance name on the account you are making the payment to e.g. “Home Improvement Loan” or “Shares”.


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