No Joke on April Fool’s Day

It may be April Fool’s Day but this is certainly no joke from St. Canice’s Credit Union.

Day to day transactions are free with a credit union. St. Canice’s Credit Union is no exception. When you join a credit union you are part owner of that credit union and therefore can avail of the benefit of no transaction fees.

When you have an account with a credit union you can have cheques issued to your desired payee; free of charge, no transaction fees means no transaction fees.

In 2019 St. Canice’s introduced a new current account and Mastercard debit card, which offers contactless payments and can be used locally or abroad. There are fees for use of this card but significantly lower than those which must be paid to a bank.

In light of the Covid-19 crisis St. Canice’s Credit Union has made the decision to support members further and will be refunding the quarterly fees for the quarter ended 31 March, to every member who has opened a current account with them. This is yet another step which the credit union is taking to uphold their strong ethical values. One of the key operating principles of a credit union is that their services are directed towards improving the economic and social wellbeing of all members, whose needs shall be a permanent and paramount consideration, rather than towards the maximising of surpluses. This is the credit union difference.

Claire Lawton CEO of St. Canice’s CU is leading the credit union through this difficult time for all. Referring to the future she said “Lending is the life blood of every credit union, its what ensures their survival. When we all survive this crisis of our time, the credit union will need members to borrow again, for it to continue to serve our community for another 56 years & beyond. We will support our members now for them to support us when this is all over”

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