Interest Rebate

St. Canice’s Credit Union has rewarded it members for their loyalty.  It has paid a 1% Share Dividend and a Rebate of up to 30% loan interest from its year end surplus for the financial year ended 30th September 2015.  Approved at AGM, these payments have been paid directly into eligible members accounts*

*It is important to note that rebate and dividend withdrawals will be subject to approval where loan repayments were not received on time and/or in full.  The share dividend and loan interest rebate returned to members for the year ended 30th September 2015 is not an indicator of future performance.  There is no guarantee that a loan interest rebate or share dividend will be paid in future years.  Terms and conditions apply.

Representative Examples

As follows are some representative examples of interest rebate, just to show you how much you could potentially save in a single year of a typical loan.

General Loan rate 9.9%

 Loan Interest€15,000
Term5 Years
Average Monthly Repayment€318
Interest paid in Year 1€816
Interest repaid to member on 30% rebate€245

Car Loan 8.2%

Loan Interest€10,000
Term4 Years
Average Monthly Repayment€245
Interest paid in Year 1€441
Interest repaid to member on 30% rebate€132

Educational Loan rate 6.4%

Loan Interest€5,000
Term3 Years
Average Monthly Repayment€153
Interest paid in Year 1€170
Interest repaid to member on 20% rebate€34