Personal Micro Credit Loan

A Personal Micro Credit Loan is available to members who are over 18 years of age and in receipt of a social welfare scheme payment. The interest rate is 9.9% (APR 10.4%).

Your social welfare payment can be by cash or EFT (electronic funds transfer) to a credit union or bank account.

If you are in receipt of a cash payment then you must qualify for deductions to be made through the household budget via the post office and be willing to open up or use your existing Household Budget Account (HB) as the repayment method.

If you receive your social welfare payment by EFT, you must be willing to enter into a standing order arrangement to facilitate repayment.

  • Repayment frequency is weekly in line with social welfare payments
  • Loans can be repaid early without penalty
  • Loans can be for any provident and productive purpose
  • Minimum loan value is €100
  • Maximum Loan Value is €2,000
  • Minimum loan term is one month
  • Maximum term will be 24 months
  • Terms & Conditions apply