Loan Secured by Savings

One of the easiest & cheapest ways to borrow is to use your savings as security against the loan.
A loan secured by your savings (a.k.a. your shares) has a special low interest rate of 6.4% (APR 6.6% variable).

A Loan Secured by Savings allows you to borrow an amount equal to your savings in a fast & secure way.

  • Prompt assessment
  • Super Quick approval for most loan applications
  • A really low rate of interest
  • Flexible repayment options
  • Your savings will continue to earn any potential future dividends
  • It is often easier to repay a loan than try and save that amount again
  • Helps you establish a line credit; enabling future credit opportunities
  • Guarantees you won’t spend your savings, as you may not withdraw the pledged amount until your loan is repaid in full

Especially if you are over the age of 55 and have savings with us, this is the best loan option for you.
By leaving your savings intact in your account, you will not affect your free Life Savings Insurance with the Credit Union, which would reduce if the balance of your money in savings fell after your 55th birthday.

Repayments on a €1,000 loan over 1 year would be €19.88 per week. Total cost of credit is €33.54.
Remember; loan protection insurance is included at no extra cost.

Remember; you must set up a repayment method. If payments are missed your savings can be used to make up for missed repayments.

Terms and Conditions apply.