Car Loans

Shopping for a New Car or have a PCP balloon payment due?

Here’s why a credit union loan makes sense:

  • A Car Loan is a straight forward loan with regular repayments over an agreed term. There are no administration fees or hidden charges.
  • Unlike a PCP agreement you own the car from the outset and there are no surprise balloon payments.
  • With a Car Loan you can also pay the loan off early, make lump sum repayments or increase your regular repayments without penalty.
  • As your repayments are calculated on a reducing balance with a  Car Loan you pay less interest.
  • Eligible members get free loan insurance..
  • Our current Car Loan variable interest rate is one of the best on the market. Click here to access our Car Loan Calculator

A loan of €9,000 over 3 years would
have 36 monthly repayments of €282.87.
Total interest payable: €1,184.36.
Total amount repayable: €10,184.36.
Figures are correct as of June 2022 based on a Car Loan with a variable rate of 8.2%, representative 8.5% APR.

Borrow over €20,000 and avail of our discounted Great Rate Loan at 6.2% (APR 6.38%)

Interested? Let’s set the wheels in motion!

If you are a member and would like to apply, simply:

  • use your online account to apply straight away
  • call us on 056 7722042 for a quick phone loan
  • drop in and apply in any branch
  • email or
  • fill out the quick Loan Enquiry Form.

If you’re not already a member, simply apply online and upload your documents and we’ll take it from there.