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It’s easy to borrow with St. Canice’s Credit Union. Click on the Loans  links below to find out more about why you should borrow with us.

Information for Borrowers concerned about Financial Difficulties

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Why Borrow From Us

There are many great reasons to borrow from St. Canice’s Credit Union. We offer great value loan rates and make applying for a loan easy. Find out why you should borrow from St. Canice’s Credit Union here.

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Calculate Your Loan

Our loan calculator will help you figure out how much you can borrow and over what term.

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Ask About A Loan

If you would like to apply for a loan or would like some more information on any of our loans, click here to complete our online form.

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Different Loan Types

Choose from one of our SmartOption loans, Car Loans, Home Improvement Loans, Wedding Loans, Standard Loans, Bicycle Loans, Business Loans, Holiday Loans

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Loan FAQs

Have you got any questions about one of our SmartOption loans. We have complied a list of Frequently Asked Questions to help you find the answer you are looking for.

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Interest Rates

St. Canice’s Credit Union offers competitive Loan Interest Rates for all of our SmartOption Loans.

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Interest Rebate

St. Canice’s Credit Union has rewarded it members for their loyalty.  It has paid a 1% Share Dividend and a Rebate of up to 30% loan interest from its year end surplus.

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