Huge Surge in Loan Applications

Following the reduction in interest rate from 8.2% to 6.2% for larger loans over €25,000, St. Canice’s Credit Union has seen a massive surge in loan applications in the 1st month of their Loan Rate Sale Offer.

St. Canice’s Credit Union announced a major loan interest rate sale in December for large value loan applications between €25,000 and €50,000 up to the end of March 2019.
So far they have received loan applications amounting to over €1.67 million, with over 50% from members looking to do up their homes, 36% buying new cars and the remainder switching existing bank loans to their local Credit Union.

With a superb 2% drop in the interest rate, dropping from 8.2% (APR 8.5%) to 6.2% (APR6.38%) along with the fact that there remains no administration fees or hidden charges has sparked the interest of the local community.
Borrowers still have the flexibility to pay off lump sums or clear the loan early without penalty and of course the Credit Union CashBack, if available, will apply to this loan at the end of the financial year; further reducing the already great rate on the Loan. Making this offer the best in town!

*A loan of €40,000 at 6.2% (6.38% APR) repayable over 7 years would have 84 monthly repayments of €588.20 per month. Total amount repayable is €49,402.54. Total cost of credit is €9,402.54.
Normal lending terms & conditions apply.

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