From July 4th, 2018 St. Canice’s Credit Union is going to help younger borrowers get that little bit of extra independence as they introduce their GET GOING Loan for 1st time younger borrowers to help GET them GOING, with a great low interest rate loan of 6.4% (APR 6.6%).

Whether it is to GET GOING with their first car, a trip around the world or maybe their passion for photography; the GET GOING loan will help get them there a lot sooner.

This new low interest rate loan is available to first time borrowers under the age of 25 years old with the maximum value available to borrow being €5,000.

The maximum loan term is 5 years and as with all Credit Union loans there are still no administration fees or hidden charges and all loans are covered by insurance at no extra cost to the borrower. Members also have that added flexibility to pay off lump sums or clear the loan early without penalty.

As well as a reduced interest rate on the loan;  Loan Interest Refunds, if available, will apply to this loan at the end of the financial year; further reducing the already great rate on a GET GOING Loan.

To make a loan enquiry and GET GOING with achieving your dream click here.

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