Fraud Awareness – May 2022

Phishing, Vishing & Smishing ; what do they mean?

Phishing is the attempt by fraudsters to trick you into handing over personal information such as your credit union details, usernames, or passwords via email, by pretending to be from a trustworthy source such as your Credit Union. The information they gain can then be used to access your current account or debit cards.
Vishing (a combination of the words Voice and Phishing) is a phone scam where fraudsters target you by phone and try to trick you into divulging personal, financial or security information or into making a financial transfer to them.
Smishing (a combination of the words SMS (text message) and Phishing) is a scam where fraudsters send text messages to random mobile phones. The text messages claim to come from a reputable organisation such as a bank, credit union or a service provider e.g. a mobile phone company.
  • Stay in control, don’t be rushed and make a decision you or your business will regret.
  • Always double check random or unexpected emails, calls or texts requesting personal, business or financial information.
  • Never give your security details such as full banking password, codes/login details, or PIN to anyone.

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