You may be aware of a new COVID-19 related scam whereby criminals are, unfortunately, exploiting the current administration of vaccines against Covid-19 to their own benefit and may engage various “scams”, such as the deception scam highlighted by the media in relation to elderly people being targeted. This could progress to criminals deceiving people into paying, in advance, for vaccines that they will never receive.

The Garda Financial Intelligence Unit want to highlight possible financial crime associated with the current crisis which might involve fund requests in relation to payments for consignments of vaccines etc.


  • Vaccines will not be offered for sale online
  • Vaccines are supplied directly by approved medical supply companies to government, unlike the distribution of PPE where intermediary companies were involved
  • Counterfeit vaccines have been advertised, sold and administered to people in a number of countries
  • A consignment of genuine influenza vaccines was stolen
  • Number of detections have been made by law enforcement already in relation to the seizure of counterfeit vaccines
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