Community Connect awards funding to Twilight Community Group

Twilight Community Group

Twilight CG was established for the promotion, integration, and social inclusion of everyone in communities, focusing on the needs of immigrants, ethnic minorities, and disadvantaged and disability groups. They do this by organising and providing support for educational exchange programs, workshops, and cultural events such as festivals, exhibitions, and performances to name but a few. These activities are available for free or at a minimum cost. The organisation covers Kilkenny and the South-East region of Ireland. They also support partners throughout Europe, ensuring that they too adhere to the Twilight ethos.

We were happy to be able to award €3000 to Twilight, the project will see structural changes to their facilities that will allow them to provide a specific safe space for their intercultural youth group to come together and interact with their peers. The restructuring will involve a specially designed environment that will cater to development-enhancing training programs, including Money Management, a Learning Pod, Games, Activity Area, and a Quiet Space. The refurbishment will allow the group to grow and develop in a structured, cohesive manner. The facilities provided through funding allocation will include an Interactive whiteboard, sporting equipment, board games, iPads, and a portable basketball ring. The provision of these social amenities will enhance the scope of the intercultural youth club to progress and develop.  Increasing the capacity of the intercultural youth club will provide visibility and sustainability well into the future.



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