Community Connect awards funding to Amber Women’s Refuge

Amber Women’s Refuge

Amber Women’s Refuge is a long-established organisation working to empower women and children of all cultures and backgrounds to live abuse-free lives. As a specialist domestic abuse service their professional team works alongside others to safeguard women and children against domestic abuse, including coercive control. They provide safe, supportive, client-centred services, from early intervention to recovery, both in the community and at the refuge.

We were delighted to be able to award Amber Women’s Refuge €20,000. Amber Women’s Refuge plans to redesign their current refuge garden to create a therapeutic and calming Sensory Garden for the women and children who use their services and are processing trauma & healing.  The sensory garden will incorporate break-out spaces for small groups & individuals seeking privacy. These spaces are for local women & children who have fled violent home environments.

This project will directly benefit some of the community’s most vulnerable members – local women & children who access the refuge services after fleeing violence & abuse in their homes. It will also benefit local women and children who access their outreach (community-based services) and attend the refuge for counseling & play/art therapy.

This project will indirectly benefit the wider local community, by supporting women & children traumatised by domestic violence & abuse in their healing & assisting their assimilation back into the local community to rebuild their lives and participate as full and active citizens of the community.

We look forward to seeing the finished garden and wish them the best of luck in the future. For more information on community connect please visit our website here

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