Loan Interest Refunds & Share Dividends

CASHBACK OF €3.1 MILLION  paid into member accounts in December 2018!

Each year, if a surplus is made, we issue loan interest refunds to members with loans and dividends on savings to members who have savings.

In December 2018, we gave back €3.1 million to our members.

10% loan interest CASHBACK was paid to members who had loans with a nominal interest rate up to 5% and 25% loan interest CASHBACK was paid to members who had loans with nominal interest rates over 5%.

As well as that, we made a dividend payment of 0.6% on savings, which compared very favorably with the deposit interest rates paid by other financial institutions.

While it is important to note that this is not an indicator of future performance and there is no guarantee that a loan interest rebate or share dividend will be paid in future years, we work hard to make a surplus for members.