Barney Carey Gets His Wings

The magnificent Barnstorm Theatre Company are putting on a performance of “Barney Carey Gets His Wings” in The Watergate Theatre in Kilkenny from Wed 21st Feb to Sat 24th Feb.
This spellbinding show is for age 7+ and their families.

The lovely people in Barnstorm Theatre Company have given us a family ticket of 4 (2adults + 2 kids or 1 Adult + 3 kids) to the afternoon show at 2:30pm on Saturday, February 24th.

All you have to do is tell us, if you had wings: where you would fly & tag who you would bring with you.

Would it be to a place, a person or a time; in the past or in the future? Would you go forever or just to say hello?

Winner will be picked on Tuesday 20th February.

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