7 Reasons to Choose a Credit Union Current Account

It’s here. You can now enjoy all the benefits of a full-service current account from your local participating credit union.

Below, we’ve listed all the best things about our current account – the reasons why so many people have already made the switch, and why you should too. If you’re new to the credit union, you can apply for membership and for a current account all in the same day.

1. Low-cost, Transparent Fee Structure

Although credit unions can differ slightly when it comes to fees and charges, we have some of the lowest current account fees compared to other providers. We won’t charge you for using your debit card, for direct debits or online transactions, there’s five free ATM withdrawals each month and our quarterly admin fees start from just €4.

2. Low Interest Overdraft

Most credit union current accounts offer an overdraft facility of up to €5,000, charged at a rate of maximum 12% (12.68% APR*) which is significantly lower than the rate charged by most of the banks.

3. Full Service Account

The credit union current account offers instant access to your money with a Debit Card, online banking and a secure mobile app. You can transfer money, pay your bills, withdraw cash and pay at point of sale anywhere in the world. Many credit union current accounts also offer Apple, Google and Fitbit pay functionalities.

4. Face-to-face Support

Although many financial institutions are shutting their doors up and down the country, the credit union is here to stay. With offices in almost every town and village nationwide and with 220 locations offering current accounts; our services are not just online, but in-person too.

5. Award-Winning Customer Service

Credit unions are renowned for their excellent customer service – so much so we were
named as having the best customer service in Ireland for an unprecedented 7 years in a row – so you’ll always receive the best kind of support for any current account query you might have.

6. Supports Communities  

Opening a credit union current account not only benefits you, but supports your local community, too.

Credit unions are run for benefit of their members, not to profit from their needs. Unlike commercial financial institutions, where profits go to third party investors, any surplus income generated by your local credit union is returned to members as a dividend or else invested in improving and expanding the service. Members of a credit union are made up of people from the local community, and all the savings in a credit union directly benefits other members, too.

7. Free Fees for Students and Over 66+

In most cases, second or third level student and those over the age of 66 can avail of free fees on credit union current accounts. A member of staff of your local credit union will be on hand during the application process to talk help you through the account opening process.

Credit Union Current Account

If you are interested in switching your current account to your local credit union, you can read more about the benefits of opening a credit union current account here.

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